Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday March 6 - POW 18

Assignment: Rough Draft of POW 18 (p.438)

1. Problem Statement. Write the problem in your own words. You can find the problem at the end of the POW. ("Suppose three lengths, a, b, and c...)
2. Process: Explain what we did in class (using the pipe cleaners, listing lengths that worked and didn't work, looking for patterns)
3. Solution: Only answer the 2nd question (the problem statement). Explain in words, then use the > or < signs to make your condition.
4. Evaluation. Did you like this project? Why/why not? Think of a question about this project.

Remember! For the rough draft, you get 10/10 if you do all the parts, even if your answer is wrong. Just show me that you tried :)

Due: Monday in class

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