Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tuesday April 21 - HOMEWORK

Assignment: POW 6 Hokulea Problem 
1. Problem statement: Explain the problem (that the containers were weighed 2 at a time...)
2. Process: Explain how you solved it (listing all possible combinations, guessing and testing, checking...)
3. Solution:
a) What is the weight of each container?

b) Could there possibly be other weights for the containers?
4. Extensions: 
a) If the numbers could be fractions or decimals, would your answer be different?
b) Why did we need to know the individual weights?

5. Evaluation: 
a) Did you like this POW? Why/why not?
b) Ask a question related to the topic. 

Assignment: Homework 5 Lunch Time
*remember we have 14 students in our class
1. List EVERYTHING you need to buy (including all ingredients)
2. How much of each thing will you need? 
3. Find prices online (Safeway, Target, Foodland, Times, Amazon, etc)
4. Add up the total price
5. Divide by the number of people

Both assignments are due MONDAY in class. 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday April 20 - HOMEWORK

Assignment: Find the numbers for the Hokulea POW

Details: Come see me (lunch, study hall or morning) if you need help

Due: Tuesday in class (rough draft of POW is dues Thursday but you need to have the numbers by Tuesday)

Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday April 17 - HOMEWORK

Assignment:  List 10 items/tools the Polynesians might need on their voyage to Hawaii. For each item, list one possible use for it.

Details: Remember, this voyage took place in the 1200's, so they did not have iPads and cell phones. They didn't even have radios or guns. These people did not have contact with other countries or places. If you're not sure if something was used back then, Google it.

Due: Monday in class

As usual feel free to come see me in the morning if you need help.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Monday April 13 - HOMEWORK

Assignment: Homework 2 (handed out in class, pictured below)


Use the constraints (rules) from the Canoe Family handout pictured below.

1. For each type of family (Explorers, Colonizers, Warriors, and Royal Travelers) figure out the smallest number of people that could be in that family and largest number of people that could be in that family. For example, the first one cannot have less than 9 people and cannot have more than 15 people, so the answer is 9-15. Each type of family will have it's own max and min.

2. Add up all four minimums for the total minimum and add up all four maximums for your total max.

3. Remember we will have FOUR Explorers, FOUR Colonizers, FOUR Warriors and FOUR Royal Travellers.

Due: Tomorrow (Tuesday) in class

**Please come see me in the morning if you need help**

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tuesday April 7 - HOMEWORK

Assignment: Homework 1 (see picture below)

Details: Choose a "present day" (in the last 50 years) voyage. You can write about your family moving to Hawaii or any emigration you know about.  You could write about Mexicans moving to the United States,  the Irish leaving Ireland, Japanese emigration to Hawaii, etc.  You can research on the internet, or write about something you know.


My grandfather moved to Canada from Germany, as a teenager. Since he emigrated during World War II, he had to escape the Nazis in order to get out. This is different than the Polynesian voyage because most of them were not escaping anything, they were just exploring. My grandfather left Germany with the help of British soldiers. This is also different from the Polynesian voyage because the travelers did not have any outside help. My grandfather arrived in Canada and was very happy to be there. This is similar to the Polynesians because they seemed happy to be on the new islands. My grandfather travelled by boat, just like the Polynesians did, but his boat was a large military ship so it was much bigger. One main difference between my grandfather's voyage and the voyage of the Polynesians is that my grandfather was moving to an already established country, whereas the polynesians moved to remote islands and developed them once they arrived. One main similarity is that they both travelled by boat. 

Due: Thursday morning in class

Monday, April 6, 2015

Monday April 6 - QUIZ REVIEW

We will be taking a quiz tomorrow (Tuesday) in class.

Please come with a pencil, ready to write the quiz.

This quiz will cover 3 things

1. Distributing
To distribute you have to multiply the outside number by all the inside numbers.

Example:   2x ( 3a - 4b + 5c )
              =  6ax - 8bx + 10cx

2. Factoring
To factor, you have to find a number that each part can be divided by and also take out any letter than is common to all the parts.

Example:  10ax + 25x - 15bx
              = 5x ( 2a + 5 - 3b)

3. Solving for X
To solve for X you need X's on one side and numbers on the other. Do the opposite to get rid of a number in the wrong spot. At the end, divide by the number in front of the x to find out what 1x is. Remember, whatever you do to one side (of the equation) you always have to do to the other side.

Example:  3x + 4 = 13
                       - 4     -4

                   3x     =    9

                     x     =     3

Sometimes we have to cross multiply first

     Example:     x        4
                        __  =   __
                        10        5

Multiply the diagonals (10 x 4 and X x 5)

5x  = 40

x = 8

Please email me or come see me in the morning if you are confused about anything for the quiz. 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Thursday April 2 HOMEWORK

Assignment: Practice quiz (2 pages)


You don't have to do the "24"

For the one that says "distribute" you multiply the outside number by each part inside the parentheses.

Ex:  -10x (2a+3b-5c)
= -20ax - 30bx + 50cx
(remember that a negative times a negative is a positive)

For the ones that say "factor" you have to work backwards. Find the biggest number you can divide each part by, and any letter than can be found in all the parts. Write this on the outside of the parentheses and fill in what is left.

Ex: 30ax - 20 bx + 10x)
The biggest number we can divide by is 10 and there is an x in each part, so I take out 10x
= 10x ( 3a - 2b + 1)

Due: Monday in class