Monday, April 13, 2015

Monday April 13 - HOMEWORK

Assignment: Homework 2 (handed out in class, pictured below)


Use the constraints (rules) from the Canoe Family handout pictured below.

1. For each type of family (Explorers, Colonizers, Warriors, and Royal Travelers) figure out the smallest number of people that could be in that family and largest number of people that could be in that family. For example, the first one cannot have less than 9 people and cannot have more than 15 people, so the answer is 9-15. Each type of family will have it's own max and min.

2. Add up all four minimums for the total minimum and add up all four maximums for your total max.

3. Remember we will have FOUR Explorers, FOUR Colonizers, FOUR Warriors and FOUR Royal Travellers.

Due: Tomorrow (Tuesday) in class

**Please come see me in the morning if you need help**

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