Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tuesday April 7 - HOMEWORK

Assignment: Homework 1 (see picture below)

Details: Choose a "present day" (in the last 50 years) voyage. You can write about your family moving to Hawaii or any emigration you know about.  You could write about Mexicans moving to the United States,  the Irish leaving Ireland, Japanese emigration to Hawaii, etc.  You can research on the internet, or write about something you know.


My grandfather moved to Canada from Germany, as a teenager. Since he emigrated during World War II, he had to escape the Nazis in order to get out. This is different than the Polynesian voyage because most of them were not escaping anything, they were just exploring. My grandfather left Germany with the help of British soldiers. This is also different from the Polynesian voyage because the travelers did not have any outside help. My grandfather arrived in Canada and was very happy to be there. This is similar to the Polynesians because they seemed happy to be on the new islands. My grandfather travelled by boat, just like the Polynesians did, but his boat was a large military ship so it was much bigger. One main difference between my grandfather's voyage and the voyage of the Polynesians is that my grandfather was moving to an already established country, whereas the polynesians moved to remote islands and developed them once they arrived. One main similarity is that they both travelled by boat. 

Due: Thursday morning in class

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