Monday, April 6, 2015

Monday April 6 - QUIZ REVIEW

We will be taking a quiz tomorrow (Tuesday) in class.

Please come with a pencil, ready to write the quiz.

This quiz will cover 3 things

1. Distributing
To distribute you have to multiply the outside number by all the inside numbers.

Example:   2x ( 3a - 4b + 5c )
              =  6ax - 8bx + 10cx

2. Factoring
To factor, you have to find a number that each part can be divided by and also take out any letter than is common to all the parts.

Example:  10ax + 25x - 15bx
              = 5x ( 2a + 5 - 3b)

3. Solving for X
To solve for X you need X's on one side and numbers on the other. Do the opposite to get rid of a number in the wrong spot. At the end, divide by the number in front of the x to find out what 1x is. Remember, whatever you do to one side (of the equation) you always have to do to the other side.

Example:  3x + 4 = 13
                       - 4     -4

                   3x     =    9

                     x     =     3

Sometimes we have to cross multiply first

     Example:     x        4
                        __  =   __
                        10        5

Multiply the diagonals (10 x 4 and X x 5)

5x  = 40

x = 8

Please email me or come see me in the morning if you are confused about anything for the quiz. 

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