Thursday, April 2, 2015

Thursday April 2 HOMEWORK

Assignment: Practice quiz (2 pages)


You don't have to do the "24"

For the one that says "distribute" you multiply the outside number by each part inside the parentheses.

Ex:  -10x (2a+3b-5c)
= -20ax - 30bx + 50cx
(remember that a negative times a negative is a positive)

For the ones that say "factor" you have to work backwards. Find the biggest number you can divide each part by, and any letter than can be found in all the parts. Write this on the outside of the parentheses and fill in what is left.

Ex: 30ax - 20 bx + 10x)
The biggest number we can divide by is 10 and there is an x in each part, so I take out 10x
= 10x ( 3a - 2b + 1)

Due: Monday in class


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