Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tuesday March 31 - HOMEWORK

Assignment: Worksheet, solve for S

Details: For both triangles, you need to solve for S. See the photo below for how to set up the ratios. Remember, you are doing the up&down line over the bottom line, for each triangle. Please look at the following diagram if you are having trouble setting up your ratios. In each picture, the green triangle is the small one and the orange is the big one. Note the green and orange ratios on the side.

To solve the first ratio you will need to cross multiply.
15(s+25) = 25x20

Remember to multiply 15 times everything inside the parentheses.
15s + 375 = 500

Then subtract the 375 from both sides so that you have letters on one side and numbers on the other.
15s = 125

Then divide by 15 so we know what S equals
S = 8.3

Solve the 2nd triangle the same way.

Due: Thursday in class

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