Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tuesday April 21 - HOMEWORK

Assignment: POW 6 Hokulea Problem 
1. Problem statement: Explain the problem (that the containers were weighed 2 at a time...)
2. Process: Explain how you solved it (listing all possible combinations, guessing and testing, checking...)
3. Solution:
a) What is the weight of each container?

b) Could there possibly be other weights for the containers?
4. Extensions: 
a) If the numbers could be fractions or decimals, would your answer be different?
b) Why did we need to know the individual weights?

5. Evaluation: 
a) Did you like this POW? Why/why not?
b) Ask a question related to the topic. 

Assignment: Homework 5 Lunch Time
*remember we have 14 students in our class
1. List EVERYTHING you need to buy (including all ingredients)
2. How much of each thing will you need? 
3. Find prices online (Safeway, Target, Foodland, Times, Amazon, etc)
4. Add up the total price
5. Divide by the number of people

Both assignments are due MONDAY in class. 

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