Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday February 6 POW homework

Assignment: POW 17 (p.420-p.421)


1. Problem Statement: Re-write the problem (italics on bottom of p.420) in your own words. Make sure to add that we are working with circles and looking for patterns.

2. Process
a) What did we do?
b) Include at least one page of circle drawings (if you lost yours from class, make more)

3. Solution
a) Include your In-Out Table from Tuesday night's homework (if you lost it, make a new one). Make sure to go all the way up to 10 cuts.
b) Explain the pattern you found in the In-Out Table
c) How many pieces can you get from 10 cuts?
d) How did you figure out c?

4. Evaluation: Did you like the project? What did you learn from it? Ask at least one question about this project.

Due: ROUGH DRAFT is due Monday February 6 in class.

Grading: You get 10/10 for the rough draft if you answer all the parts, even if the answers are wrong. If you do it all and forget it at home, you get 0/10

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