Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday February 23 - HOMEWORK

Assignment: Name all 9 angles on the last page of your homework package
 (we said 8 in class, I noticed there are actually 9)


The class notes on naming angles can be found below (in the next blog post).

Angles should be named using 3 letters, the MIDDLE letter is where the angle is at (also called the vertex)

Tip: You can number your angles and then name them. 

For example, Angle 2 is <ACB (<BCA is also correct)

Hint: Some of them have more than one correct answer. Angle #3 could be called <ACD or <ACE  (or  either of those backwards... <DCA or <ECA)

Due: Tomorrow (Tuesday) in class

**I will be here by 7:15am if anybody wants to come see me. You can also email me any time**

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