Monday, May 18, 2015

Monday May 18 - HOMEWORK

** If you did not hand in the final draft of the ship POW, it is due tomorrow (Tuesday) After that you lose a point each day it is late**

Assignment: Fill in Gross Income, Rent, Food, and Utilities on the budget page I handed out in class.


  • You must find a job to know your monthly income. 
  • You have to find a job that is actually available right now (check job listing websites or company websites) and that you are qualified for (high school diploma, little/no experience).
  • If the job listing does not say what it pays, check and search for the salary. 
  • You need to write your MONTHLY pay. If the salary is listed per week you have to multiply by 4, if it is listed per year you have to divide by 12. 
  • You must find an apartment to know your monthly rent.
  • Your apartment should be reasonably close to your job. 
  • Check if the rent includes: parking, utilities, cable/internet
  • If you want to lower rent costs, you can find a 2 bedroom and assume that you can find a roommate. This allows you to only pay half the rent. 
  • You should interview an adult about cost of food and utilities. 
  •  Ask an adult how much he/she pays each month for food. Then compare your needs to theirs. How many people are they buying for? You are only buying for yourself. 
  • Ask an adult how much he/she pays for utilities (electricity, water/sewer, gas, trash) each month. Then compare your needs to theirs. Do they run air conditioning a lot? Will you? If they have 10 people living in their house, your bills will be a lot lower. 
Due: Tomorrow (Tuesday) in class

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