Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thursday May 14 - HOMEWORK

Assignment: #2 and #3 of the package we worked on today in class
(the first page says Homework 12, #2 and #3 are on the last 2 pages)

For each question, read the points off of the graph for a, b, and c.
Then make an in-out table using those points (be sure to put the x-axis/independent in the IN column and the y-axis/dependent in the OUT column).
Then find the rule (see example below)
Then, using that rule, add 2 more rows to the table (see example below)
Due: Tomorrow in class

^^ In the example above, I subtracted on both sides, then divided the right side by the left side. That allows us to find the rule. Then, I used this rule to make 2 more rows (in bold).  This example uses made up numbers and is NOT the answer to the homework.

**Important** the final draft of your POW (the ship one) is due on Monday**

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