Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tuesday May 5 - HOMEWORK

Assignment: POW7: Hawaii to Tahiti to Hawaii


1. Problem statement: re-word the question. "Ships leave once a week from Tahiti and Hawaii. The trip takes 42 days. We want to figure out..."

2. Process: How did you solve this? Show your work

3. Solution: What is your answer?

4. Extensions
a) Did you include the ships you saw right as you were leaving Hawaii and right as you were arriving in Tahiti? (yes or no)
b) What if the ships just started sailing today and you were on the first boat? How many ships would you pass on your way to Tahiti? (hint: You won't pass one until you're halfway there)

5. Evaluation: Did you like this problem? Why/why not? Ask a question
Do the evaluation of your own work, as described on the POW sheet.

Due: Thursday morning in class

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